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The prospects for the future development of massive silica
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Silica is a quartz, containing some clay mineral aggregates, with natural fine granularity, after simple processing, can become a fine particle of new industrial mineral raw materials, coupled with the mineral composite particles structure and group points, low surface water and good surface physical and chemical properties of the rubber, synthetic plastics, paint coatings, such as industrial applications has been widely praised in.

According to the physical characteristics of silica is divided into hard and soft two, among which the most common soft. Rigid silica are generally relatively hard and lumpy porcelain fracture, seemingly lime. Soft silica is a powder or earthy and adobe brick shape, texture is soft and fragile, delicate touch, lightweight, porous, absorbent, the wax seal can be long-term floating on the water, into the water slowly precipitation, broken down into fine, rubber, plastic, paint, industrial coatings, such as commonly used fillers.
In the industrial rubber, silica can be equivalent to replace clay or light calcium carbonate, can substitute for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and rubber mixing high abrasion furnace black, not only can improve the product strength, hardness, reduce wear, can also prevent aging, polymer to enhance the pile of masonry, promote physical crosslinking compound, enhance the tensile strength of the polymer.
In the synthetic plastic imitation leather, siliceous earth instead of light calcium carbonate, activated light calcium carbonate, activated pyrophyllite, active wollastonite, and white carbon black, carbon black, cost reduction and industrial performance is good and stable quality of leather products. In the light of imitation leather, with silica filler products, its tensile strength is superior to that of active calcium, sericite, performance is more excellent. And in the color imitation leather, silica alternative active calcium, in maintain the same intensity and greatly improve the hardness of products; silica replacement active wollastonite, although the hardness decreases slightly, but strength is obviously improved.
Silica slightly color, in the paint coating, generally for dark reconcile paint, primer, anti rust paint, a variety of paint material in place of precipitated barium sulfate and talcum powder. Silica in the paint material dispersed well, grinding time is short, small fineness, improve the replacement of coating hardness, good stability of storage, water resistance, weather resistance, rust and corrosion resistance also have greatly improved.
In addition, siliceous infrared transmittance minimum only 7.5%, far less than 18.5% of calcium carbonate, people use this characteristic of silica, active calcium carbonate substitution, production of infrared blocking plastic film, not only can reduce the film thickness of the products, and can improve the strength and electrical properties.
Silica as an important industrial mineral raw material, related studies at home and abroad has a history of one hundred years, although research started late in our country, research process is accelerating, I believe with the continuous refinement and understanding deepening, the silica applications will continue to expand, foreground will Wei impressive.